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About Me

I’m an idealistic and self-taught entrepreneur who is always focused on my projects. I approach my work with an unwavering commitment, often putting in countless hours to ensure its success. My dedication has both paid off and presented challenges. While it has brought me great success in various fields, I have also found myself spending too much time on projects that may not necessarily generate substantial returns.

Despite dropping out of high school as a sophomore, I’ve had many jobs, including bus driver, food service, retail, insurance, sales, and even television news. I briefly attended community college to study TV production, but soon realized that hands-on experience in the field was much more valuable than classroom lectures. As a result, I swore off traditional education and decided to pursue my passion for creating something meaningful.

One of my core beliefs is that self-education is crucial, especially in today’s world where information is readily available. When I started my videography business, I had limited resources for advertising, graphic design, and other essential components of the business. Instead of giving up, I taught myself how to do those things through online tutorials and hands-on experience. I even learned video production and editing, which led me to become one of the most sought-after wedding videographers in Colorado.

Unfortunately, dealing with “bridezillas” and other challenges associated with the wedding industry became overwhelming. With the economy in a slump, I found myself with plenty of free time, so I decided to try my hand at something new: video game level design. With the support of my amazing wife, I spent every waking hour tinkering with video games and learning the tools used by Call of Duty developers. My hard work paid off when I created one of the most popular maps in the mod community after just six weeks of self-directed learning.

Surprisingly, my success led to a job offer from Treyarch, even though I had no industry or educational experience. I quickly learned that designing multiplayer maps for a game as popular as Call of Duty was no easy task. Despite the steep learning curve, I came to design over 30 maps across six games, including Nuketown, which became one of the most popular multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history.

Although I’ve been at Treyarch for over a decade, I’m always eager to learn more. In addition to my day job, I listen to audiobooks in my car, take online courses, do landscape photography and even tried my hand at becoming a YouTube personality. My family and faith keep me grounded and grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the adventures that await.

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