Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Meltdown was a map I was really excited to design because of the possibility of having gameplay inside a nuclear cooling tower. If you’ve ever seen pictures of the inside of one, you’ll know why. Other features include a turbine that can be fought on or around, a reactor room and tunnel running under the middle hump. There are several easter eggs including a box of pink donuts in the control room (a nod to Homer Simpson), my name on the desk in the main office building and a rock formation in the vista matching the rock formation leading the Goonies to their treasure hunt. You can also find a movie poster for the movie “Meltdown” with me as the director, elsewhere throughout the game.

My responsibilities included:

  • Initial paper design
  • Complete map┬ádesign (gameplay)
  • Theming/map detail/polish

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